The first one is The Prawn Star.

This summery, surf n turf burger includes; 6oz beef, American cheese, wasabi tempura prawns, Thousand Island sauce, shredded lettuce, pickled onions, all for £9.95. Or bundled up with fries and drink, it is £14.95. 

In addition to this special, we also have The Keepy Uppy Challenge. This burger is sitting on our menu, proudly in the top right-hand corner. It is a simple burger that encourages customers to add a beef patty and slice of cheese for £2. At £8.95, it is a great price for a burger that can be stacked up as high as you can go.

It consists of;

6oz beef patty, American cheese, pickled onions, paprika onions & GBK burger sauce, served in a sesame seed bun. Add a 6oz beef patty and a slice of cheese for £2.

Our special hardshake for the summer is Guinness and Chocolate. We know, sounds great! This is priced at £5.90.