Get set for a midnight opening for the release of the next Harry Potter book at Waterstones.

The party will be a ticketed event at £10 per ticket, this will cover the cost of the book (which can be purchased on Sunday morning due to Sunday trading regulations). Those that have already paid will not need to purchase a ticket, but will need to collect one from our tills so we know how many people are coming along.

We will be opening from around 11:00pm, where we will have Harry Potter themed sweets and goodies. We will sort people into their houses, have a quiz in house teams with prizes for the winner and a best dressed witch/wizard contest, again with prizes. At 12am people can start collecting their pre-orders. Customers are then welcome to stay and finish off the sweets, or sit down and read with us until 12:30am when we will close up and start reading it ourselves!

Throughout the day Sunday we will have more sweets and harry potter themed goodies in store for customers to enjoy as they shop.