Visual Supervisor

Location: Debenhams - 01932 233500

Job Description

As a Visual Supervisor, you will be responsible for managing a small team of Visual Assistants. Where you will merchandise and create visual presentations throughout each department within the store.


You will report to the Store Manager and be a key component in organising and implementing a theme set by the Store Manager. You will have a keen eye for keeping up to date with fashion trends in the market and excellent customer service skills which you will implement and influence amongst your team.



You will have an innovative approach to create sales opportunities through your visual flair. As you will be working across departments and impacting on all sales floor departments you will need to show that you have a strong and flexible communication style; excellent time management skills; as well as being able to show that you can effectively coach your team and colleagues to succeed.



The role can involve working at heights, using ladders and heavy lifting.


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